Company Information

globe_RoyaltyFreeFor over 50 years, QinetiQ North America (QNA) has been providing world-class technology development, engineering research and development and revolutionary products to the defense, security, commercial and consumer markets.

Our product offerings include vehicle and soldier protection, unmanned systems (robots) in various sizes, maritime systems and power sensors and control systems.

Customers rely on QNA to increase readiness, improve processes, streamline operations, increase situational awareness, reduce costs and enhance security.  Our technology solutions and products improve manufacturing processes, reduce costs, save lives and make it easier to monitor, manage and protect complex systems and critical assets.

QNA is headquartered in Waltham, MA with offices in Franklin, MA, Pittsburgh, PA and Ashburn, VA.

QinetiQ North America is a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of QinetiQ Group PLC,  one of the world’s leading defense and security technology companies.

Corporate Overview

What’s in a Name? Why QinetiQ?

QI: Ancient Chinese concept symbolizing strength and energy
NET: The Greek word “kinetikos” which means activity and energy
IQ: Intelligence – what we’re all about

 *Note: pronounced ki-net-ic