Leadership Team

Jeff_Yorsz_April15Jeff Yorsz
As President, Mr. Yorsz oversees all aspects of strategy and operations of QinetiQ North America. Prior to joining QNA, Mr. Yorsz worked at Northrop Grumman where he was the General Manager of Adaptive Optics Associates (AOA), a supplier of mission critical systems to government, industrial and commercial customers. Mr. Yorsz holds several degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) including an Engineer’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Management.


Dr. Richard Wiesman
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Wiesman has been with QinetiQ North America since 1983. As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, his work focuses on mobile robotic systems, special actuators and electric machines, power distribution controls and sensors, and related technologies. He has been with QinetiQ North America since 1983. Dr. Wiesman is a faculty member at MIT with the appointment of Professor of the Practice in Mechanical Engineering. He teaches and supervises research in the areas of design, product development, controls, instrumentation, and robotics, and is co-director of MIT’s Field and Space Robotics Laboratory.

Paul_Sateriale_ExphotoPaul Sateriale
Vice President, Finance
As Vice President of Finance, Mr. Sateriale oversees the accounting and finance functions including financial reporting, compliance, cost accounting and pricing. Prior to joining QinetiQ North America, he held Controller and CFO positions for companies with a very diverse customer and revenue base. Mr. Sateriale joined QinetiQ North America in March 2014 and brings over 25 years of defense industry experience serving customers including the FAA, NATO and the US Government.

BobPolutchko_April15Robert Polutchko
Vice President, Power Systems
As Vice President of Power Systems, Mr. Polutchko leads the strategy, development and launch of  a diverse portfolio of  emerging products and business initiatives including soldier protection systems, meteorological sensors, utility power grid monitoring, transportation technology, and advanced mobile power systems.  Mr. Polutchko joined QinetiQ North America in June 2013 and has over 25 years of experience leading defense technology organizations.  He holds MS and SB degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dan DeguDanDeguire_April15ire
Vice President, Land Systems
As Vice President of Land Systems, Mr. Deguire is responsible for managing and leading QinetiQ North America’s Unmanned Robotic Systems and Survival Protective Systems. Mr. Deguire joined QinetiQ North America in 1990 and has lead teams of engineers and scientists in the design and development of robotic systems and associated technologies. He has extensive experience in military robotic systems and survival technologies.

peter_floryPeter Flory
Vice President, Washington & International
Mr. Flory joined QinetiQ North America in 2012 and is responsible for international business strategy and Washington, DC operations.  Prior to joining QinetiQ North America, he held positions as NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment, where he was NATO’s senior civilian official with responsibility for capability development and cyber defense. Mr. Flory also was the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy and served as a Defense Business Consultant.

Dan BartonDanBarton_Exprofile
Vice President, Manufacturing
Mr. Barton joined QinetiQ North America in 2007 and became Vice President of Manufacturing in 2011. He has over 20 years of proven leadership in manufacturing operations in both the defense and commercial markets.  Prior to joining QinetiQ North America, Mr. Barton was a Senior Production Manager at Teradyne, Inc. He is also a retired United States Army officer.


Nathan Desmeule
Director of Business Development, Land Systems
Mr. Desmeule oversees and supports worldwide sales operations for all robotic, armor, and soldier protection products. Since joining QinetiQ North America in 2000, Mr. Desmeule has gained extensive experience with Explosive Ordnance Disposal  (EOD) robotic development, product sales and training and international business development.