News from 2009

Defense News
October 6, 2009

Karen Walker (Armed Forces Journal)
New Robots on Display

Financial Times
September 8, 2009

Jeremy Lemer
Unmanned Ground Vehicles: Robots sidle into the limelight

Engineering TV
August 27, 2009

Bill Wong (Technology Editor/Electronic Design Magazine)
QinetiQ North America’s robotic controller kit (ROCK) temporarily turns a loader from Bobcat into a remotely operated “robot” capable of using more than 37 Bobcat approved attachments. Dan Deguire, QinetiQ’s Senior Program Manager for Future Robotics, gives an overview of the system as well as some of the components involved.
(NOTE: Each video contains two segments)
QinetiQ North America’s Robotic Control Kit(video 6:13)
Robotic Kit Missions(video 4:20)
Robotic Kit Software and Hardware(video 3:00)
Walkthrough of the Bobcat Loader(video 5:30)
Roboticizing the Bobcat Loader(video 6:13)