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10.03.16 – QNA introduces Titan at AUSA – Press Release

02.09.16 – Hydro Quebec Selects LineWatch™ L Sensors for Advanced Fault Detection Application – Press Release

12.29.15 – QNA Awarded $16.3M Contract to Support Delivery of EMALS and AAG on the U.S. Navy’s Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier – Press Release

12.22.15 – QinetiQ-NA funds Frozen Box Truck in memory of former QinetiQ North America Chairman of the Board, Len Moodispaw

12.8.15 – Protective Armour Solutions Mature for Operational Domains | Military Technology

12.4.15 – TALON called in to investigate and detonate suspicious package in Boston, MA

11.12.15 – Ducks military appreciation night features “TALON” dropping the puck

10.27.15 – Forecasting Mission Success | U.S. Air Force

10.14.15 – QinetiQ’s Robots can Switch Hands During a Mission  | Popular Science

07.01.15 – RE2 Integrates Robotic Arm Onto Dragon Runner UGV

06.20.15 – $13 billion warship is first of its kind – EMALS Video Highlight on CNN

06.05.15 – QinetiQ NA’s Lifesaving Drunk-Driving Prevention Technology (DADSS) will Re-introduce Bill to Continue Progress toward Eliminating DWI

06.04.15 – New Technology Gives Hope to No More Drunk Driving – USA Today

06.03.15 – TALON IV featured in Israeli Industrial Solutions | Military Technology

06.03.15 – TALON V highlighted in Ground Robotics Development| Military Technology

05.25.15 – TALON saving Marines in the battlefield – Fox News

05.19.15 – RE2 Integrates Arm onto QinetiQ North America’s IOP compliant Dragon Runner

05.13.15 –  QNA’s Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System technology shaping the future of the USS GERALD R. FORD (CVN 78)

03.25.15 – Would you buy a car with a built-in breathalyzer?  Forbes highlights DADSS, QNA’s Driver Safety Technology

03.22.15 – New Car Technology Could Make Drunk Driving A Thing of the Past Forever. QNA’s Driver alcohol technology highlighted in Pioneer News

03.20.15 – Sobriety tests in all new cars might prevent most drunk driving deaths. QNAs Alcohol Detection Safety Technology highlighted in Reuters.

02.23.15 –  LineWatch Highlighted in Smart Grid News.  The full story is available on Smart Grid Today’s website along with over 6,000 articles providing exclusive and trusted news, in-depth analysis and strategic insight on the smart grid industry.

02.04.15 – QNA announces new commercial robotic system | Press Release

02.03.15 – QNA announces LineWatch utility monitoring device | Press Release

01.20.15 – Jeff Yorsz named President of QinetiQ North America | Press Release

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