Protecting Soldiers and civilians for over 15 years.

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Maritime Systems Contract

from General Dynamics
Electric Boat

UGV for Dismounted Troop Support


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The robot of choice For IED, CBRN, EOD, Security and Rescue.

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Synoptic soundings for tactical and non-tactical military missions

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Grid Monitoring Device

LineWatch for Low/Medium Voltage

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Maritime Systems

Electro-Magnetic Aircraft Launch System on the USS Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier

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LAST Armor for Aircraft

Proven protection since 1995.

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Q-NET RPG Defeat Net

Protecting vehicles, saving lives.

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Protection for your most most important assets

Q-NET RPG Lightweight Protective Net

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Meteorological Sensors

Real Time. Real Tactics.
Real Missions.

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A Small Robot for Big Missions

Provides situational awareness for dismounted operations. Keeping people away from dangerous situations since 1995.

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Q-NET is a protective net that saves lives and protects assets. It is the most widely-deployed RPG protection system in the world and installed on over 13,000 platforms used in active combat.


SEAScout is an Air-Launched Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) that streamlines maritime missions and protects valuable assets. This maritime robot features an A-sized form factor and has multiple launch methods.


Compact and lightweight, UC-LITE is a new common controller that operates unmanned ground and aerial vehicles and unattended ground sensors.