Secures® Gunshot Detection System Donated To, Deployed at Johns Hopkins University

QinetiQ North America partnered with the university’s Campus Safety and Security department, the Baltimore Police Department and iXP Corporation to demonstrate its latest violent crime deterrent and detection technology.

The live-fire demonstration held at Baltimore’s Wyman Park in November illustrated how SECURES® acoustically detects, triangulates and relays gunshot activity to Homewood Communication Center dispatchers who see the location of gunshots pinpointed to within 10 feet of where the shooting event took place within 3 to 5 seconds of the shots being fired. SECURES® is designed to be integrated into the University’s state-of-the-art Homewood Communication Center which allows responders to use multiple systems, such as CCTV video and other sensors, as they respond to incidents.

The SECURES® technology’s accuracy rate and rapid response time allows police to more quickly arrive at crime scenes and locate witnesses or apprehend the perpetrator.

“We’re pleased to have the opportunity to work with a leading university to demonstrate the contribution that our SECURES sensor network can make to campus and neighborhood security,” said Alan Friedman, President of the PSI Division of the Technology Solutions Group.

Larry Consalvos, Senior Vice President and General Manager for iXP Corporation, made the observation that “the University’s installed security systems demonstrate the efficiencies and synergies that are achieved when you combine cutting edge technology systems into an integrated Command and Control facility. The SECURES system adds one more layer to Johns Hopkins’s ability to protect its community.”

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