Steam Generator Maintenance



CECIL (Consolidated Edison Combined Inspection and Lancing) is a robotic steam generator maintenance system developed for secondary side maintenance. By accessing the entire in-bundle area of the tubesheet, CECIL can provide superior cleaning capabilities, reduces maintenance costs and extends the life for pressurized water reactor (PWR) steam generators.

CECIL systems are currently in service throughout the United States, in Japan, and in France.


  • Fewer forced outages
  • Less tube damage from corrosion
  • Fewer engineering studies for loose part damage assessment
  • Improved inspection capability
  • Access entire in-bundle area of tube sheet
  • Reduce personnel radiation exposure
  • Time savings
  • FOSAR capability to remove loose parts efficiently
  • Effective maintenance and sludge removal
  • Prolonged steam generator life
  • Real-time graphics
  • Greater plant availability
  • Enhanced output and overall efficiency

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CECIL Datasheet