How Cecil Works

  • CECIL activities are controlled from a remote_MG_4582 workstation and monitored with video cameras located inside the steam generator and on the handhole platform. Real-time graphics show the robot and lance positions in the generator and images are stored on videotape for future reference. The control station is typically situated in a low radiation area on the operating level.
  • The CECIL robot rides on a rail assembly installed through the open steam generator inspection port. One end of the rail rests on a stand placed against the center stay rod and on top of the blowdown pipe; the other end is secured to the handhole flange. The robot can mCECIL_Tube_Inspectove longitudinally along the rail assembly and extend and retract a flexible lance, which can be driven down the narrow (approximately 0.3 in.) gaps between the columns of U-tubes. The robot also can rotate about its axis to position the lance at any point within the tube bundle above the tubesheet and below the first support plate.
  • The robot’s flex lances are the transport mechanism for delivering spray nozzles and a videoprobe deep into the tube bundle.