Tactical Atmospheric Sounding Kit

TASK – Lightweight, Real-Time, Atmospheric Data Collection System

TASKThe QinetiQ North America Tactical Atmospheric Sounding Kit (TASK) enables forward deployed personnel to observe and report real-time weather data and winds aloft information for weather forecasting or tactical weather dependent missions such as artillery support, aerial delivery, or embarked air cavalry operations.

The TASK system continuously measures wind speed, wind direction, pressure, temperature and humidity while ascending through the air column on a six cubic foot weather balloon (about 32 inch diameter). TASK consists of a lightweight TASK UHF Radiosonde, a small composite tank of pressurized helium, an inflatable 30 gram weather balloon, and a wearable TASK UHF Transceiver.

For aerial resupply by heavy lift aircraft, the TASK data are 100 percent Precision Airdrop System (PADS)/Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) compatible.

Features:TASK Kit

  • Measurements for: wind direction, wind speed, temperature and humidity
  • Weather conditions reported by voice or data transmission
  • Lightweight
  • Man Packable

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pdf_icon_small  TASK datasheet

Form2  TASK supports US Air Force Missions, Oct 2015

Form2 Task supports US Air Force Missions, July 2014