Wind Profiling Portable Radar


QinetiQ North America’s WiPPR, Wind Profiling Portable Radar, provides in-situ, real-time wind  information used for a wide variety of applications including mission planning and data gathering. WiPPR data increases the accuracy of forecast models and decreases miss distance during airdrop operations.


  • Uses little power
  • Easy setup
  • Intuitive operation
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Smaller than comparable RADAR based systems
  • Portable: stationed on a trailer for easy transport
  • Provides wind profile updates as rapidly as 1 per minute
  • Fully PADS®/JPADS compatible
  • Works in inclement weather conditions troublesome for LIDAR
  • Operates in “clear air” within the convective boundary layer and higher


  • Measurement of real-time wind information to support guided, ballistic and personnel airdrop operations
  • Measurement of wind information for meteorological application in forecast models

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