Gunshot Localization System


QinetiQ North America is the world’s leading supplier of man-worn gunshot detection systems.

QinetiQ North America’s EARS® family of gunshot localization systems gives soldiers and military police the situational awareness necessary to respond instantly and accurately to hostile attacks to better protect themselves from snipers and other gunfire threats.

  • Instantly detects and locates the origin of incoming hostile gunfire
  • Alerts made with an audible voice announcement (e.g., “3 o’clock, 400 meters”)
  • Built-in GPS location and timing (provides on-demand visual and audible updates with the threat’s current direction and distance, even as the user changes position to move to cover or engage the threat).
  • Provides geo-referenced threat positions to facilitate coordination with other military resources
  • Uses low power
  • Small, lightweight

Three options of EARS is available:  All three variants use the core EARS sensor, which is an extremely small, lightweight, low-power, self-contained gunshot detector system.