EARS Fixed Site Sensor

EARS FSS (Fixed Site System)

The EARS® Power Over Ethernet Fixed Site EARS-FixedSite_WebSensor Node is a conversion kit that allows QinetiQ North America’s EARS Gunshot Localization System sensors to be used in a fixed-site location. The fixed site sensor provides protection by monitoring gunshot movement over a large area. This information is used to locate gunshots, guide an evacuation route, plan an armed response along with other uses.


  • Connects network of EARS sensors for large
    area protection
  • Rugged enclosure with Ethernet connection
    and power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Gunshot alerts are broadcast on tactical
  • ISA and CoT compliant for display on
    common operating environments
  • Various mounting options including
    mounting hardware
  • Compact size, low-profile, and very low-
    power (supports PoE up to 2,000 feet over
    CAT-5 cable)

Form2 EARS Fixed Site Sensor Datasheet
video-icon (1) EARS FSS Video