EARS Vehicle Mount

EARS VMS (Vehicle Mounted System) 


The Vehicle Mounted System kit uses a single EARS sensor for vehicle-mounted applications. The VMS includes a rugged mount, cabling and a power interface box for installation on a variety of vehicle platforms. EARS VMS includes a durable display unit and mounting bracket, as well as an audio output for connection to an in-vehicle loudspeaker or intercom system.


  • Quick and easy installation without any vehicle modifications
  • Locates hostile shooter in < 1 second,
  • Presents a low profile in body-worn, vehicle and fixed-site configurations
  • Lightweight – Minimal additional weight to carry on a vehicle
  •  Low power – Supports long missions without changing batteries
  • Visual and Audio alerts
  • Increases lethality by providing range, bearing and grid position of hostile shooter •
  • Increases survivability by providing users with constantly updated situational awareness on enemy shooter’s location
  • Accurate – Effective in complex acoustic MOUT and open field environments. Sophisticated algorithms effectively eliminate false alarms

Form2  EARS Brochure 

video-icon (1)  EARS VMS Video