Bomb Containment System

Frag Bag

QinetiQ North America’s Frag Bag is a bomb containment enclosure designed to contain fragments and mitigate the blast pressure from a typical pipe bomb. Frag Bag is commonly used to provide safety to local and federal law enforcement, private security, postal security and corporate mail room personnel. It can also be used to improve safety in the routine transport of small pyrotechnics such as detonator caps or detonation cord

Frag Bag was developed in the late 1990s by QinetiQ North America, researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and members of the New Mexico State Police.

  • Compatible with bomb disposal robots
  • Weighs less than 25 pounds
  • Low cost
  • Fitted with a number of “grab points” so that it can be opened, loaded, closed and transported with a bomb stick or remote manipulator
  • Easily transportable – fits easily into the trunk of a cruiser or car
  • Dissipates and deflects fragments away from personnel and public
  • Captures fragments for forensics
  • Successfully tested against 2 ounces of C4.

Frag Bag is a product of QinetiQ North America’s family of protective LAST Armor® that is used worldwide on both military land vehicles and aircraft.

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