Structural Analysis and Modeling

Locomotive Crashworthiness

QNA developed detailed dynamic structural finite element models of locomotives and freight cars and ISO-type shipping containers to evaluate their behavior in various collision scenarios. QNA is developing approaches for strengthening and improving key areas of locomotives, such as the front-end structures and the cab.

Locomotive Fuel Tank Structural Safety

Damage to fuel tanks and their associated fuel_tanksystems can lead to fuel leaks and fire, one of the most dangerous situations for train crews and passengers, as well as environmental pollution. QNA designed and built a specialized full-scale test facility and conducted tests of fuel tank structural crashworthiness. Assessments included the testing of freight and passenger locomotive fuel tanks for their ability to withstand quasi-static load as specified by the Code of Federal Regulations.

Analysis and Modeling

QNA has the capability to carry out detailed structural modeling and analysis of transportation systems including railroad equipment using ANSYS and LS-DYNA. Following past finite element analysis simulation and validation testing of freight consist crashworthiness, QNA has modeled rail tank cars including draft gears fitted with QNA’s Rail Safe to evaluate the likelihood of tank car end-puncture, as well as its overall structural integrity for different collision velocities.