Transportation Technology Innovation

Diesel Fuel Vapor Reclamation

QNA is developing a diesel fuel vapor
reclamation system to reduce the explosive fuel vapor in fuel tanks as well as environmental pollution. The system is adaptable to most locomotive fuel tanks and will reduce the risk of fire in accidents and improve fuel efficiency as condensed fuel vapor is returned to the tank.


Acoustical Warning Device

QNA is developing an Acoustical Warning Device that directs train horn signals towards the critical stopping distance for vehicles at grade crossings. The reduced sounds to wayside and within the cab results in a more environmentally friendly train horn that meets or exceeds all Federal Railroad Administration regulations.



Wireless Sensor Motes

QNA is developing wireless sensor motes for train consists. Motes are low power sensors that communicate into the train’s wireless mesh network. Motes can be used for train health and lading monitoring. Wheel bearing condition motes are also in development.