Dragon Runner®


Small Unmanned Ground Robots

Our family of Dragon Runner robots provide world class support to military forces and first responders. These easily transportable systems enable their operators to carry them into some of the most hazardous conditions and terrains found on earth.

Dragon Runners are available in two sizes:

  • Dragon Runner 10 with a starting weight of only 10 pounds
  • Dragon Runner 20 that starts at 20 pounds

Dragon Runners can be hand carried or carried inside a rucksack – both can be remotely operated from many hundreds of meters away, providing protection and safety to their operators.

Dragon Runner 10

The Dragon Runner 10 (DR-10) Micro Unmanned DR10_smGround Vehicle (MUGV) is a modular, lightweight, compact, multi-mission remote platform developed for supporting small unit dismounted operations. While using a wearable controller, the warfighter sends the DR-10 ahead of his small unit to gain situational awareness and take action. DR-10’s day and night sensors allow it to serve as the forward eyes of the team while also being used to deliver remote sensors, emplace counter-IED charges, and more.

  • Specifically designed for dismounted small units to enhance reconnaissance missions, early warning, and overall situational awareness
  • Lightweight to minimize impact to existing combat load
  • Small enough to fit inside an Assault Pack
  • Tough enough to be thrown and survive rough handling and adverse weather

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arrow_green  See Dragon Runner 10 in action! 

Dragon Runner 20

The Dragon Runner 20 (DR-20) is a highly specDR20webialized unmanned system that provides situational awareness. The DR-20 is uniquely suited to support EOD/IED, reconnaissance, security, military operations and first responder applications. Originally designed for the U.S. Marine Corps, the basic model of the Dragon Runner 20 SUGV weighs in at only 20 pounds, measuring just 12.2 inches wide, 16.6 inches long and 6 inches high. Although not much larger than a child’s remote-controlled vehicle, this powerful robot packs an array of mission-ready capabilities.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Can lift up to 10 pounds with its manipulator arm
  • Pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  • Microphone for listening capabilities
  • Day and night cameras
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Impressive Dexterity
  • Enhanced RF operating capabilities

arrow_green  Dragon Runner 20 Datasheet  arrow_green  Dragon Runner Brochure
arrow_green  See Dragon Runner 20 in action!

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