DriveRobotics increases efficiency and safety, lowers operating costs and expands the your machine’s capabilities. From surgical interior demolition to roadside construction to repetitive, monotonous operations, DriveRobotics is the most productive, safer and versatile way to get the job done.


  • Complete jobs faster and with improved safety
  • Reduces Personal Productive Equipment (PPE) and falling object protection costs
  • Works with standard Bobcat parts and service for maximum uptime


  • Distances the operator from hazardous environments including falling objects, abatement and utilities
  • Reduces support personnel in the DANGER zone


  • Control the Bobcat remotely or by using standard in-cab controls – switch modes with a simple flip of a switch
  • Compatible with off-the-shelf Bobcat excavators (new and used)
  • Works with all standard Bobcat attachments

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