U.S. Army REF Minotaur

QNA_MINOTAUR_400pixQinetiQ North America designed the Minotaur to support the U.S. Army’s military efforts. Using QNA’s robotic kit, the Bobcat transforms into an unmanned military vehicle that supports a wide variety of tactical missions including IED defeat, route and path clearance, and load carriage for the supported soldiers.  The Bobcat Model T110 is a diesel powered loader and equipped with mine rollers. QinetiQ’s wearable Tactical Robotic Controller™ (TRC), allows the soldier to operate the Minotaur from more than 900 meters away in order to identify and defeat IEDs. Minotaur is supported with an array of electro-optical infrared and thermal cameras as well as a front mine roller/rake system for destroying buried munitions.

Any Bobcat Loader equipped with Bobcat’s Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) is capable of using QinetiQ’s RAK System to become a high performance robotic platform.

pdf_icon_small Minotaur_DataSheet


  • Route and path clearance
  • Engineer equipment transport