Robotic Appliqué Kit

Transforms Bobcats into Remotely-Operated Robots

QinetiQ North America’s Robotic Appliqué Kit (RAK) temporarily transforms the Bobcat® into a remotely operated “robot” capable offering a safe and efficient way of getting the job done.13-3-289 Spartacus Brochure.indd

Used in war zones to handle deeply buried IED’s and construction sites for demolition and operating in hazardous terrain, our RAK kit has assisted in a variety of dangerous missions since 2001 and kept their operators at a safe distance.

Upon completion of a mission, the operator can return the loader to manual operation by turning a key on the rear of the vehicle. The operator can also move a controller kit from one SJC-equipped Bobcat loader to another, allowing the mission to dictate the optimal sized machine.


  • Easy installation – Robotic appliqué kit can be installed in about 15 minutes!
  • Integrates with over 40 BobCat approved attachements
  • Configurable – Works on  20,000 vehicle types
  • Day and night vision cameras
  • Microphone, radio options, GPS
  • Three controller options (laptop, wearable and common desktop)
  • Lights to signal robotic engagement
  • Anti-rollover warning system
  • Emergency manual shut-off switches and remote restart
  • Electronics rated at 149°F (65°C) and are designed to MIL-STD- 810F environmental standards.

13-3-289 Spartacus Brochure.indd

Expertise in Action:

In collaboration with the Japanese government, QNA sent our unmanned systems into Japan in April 2011 to assist with the country’s natural disaster recovery efforts. This included our Robotic Appliqué Kits. The unmanned Bobcat loaders included seven cameras, night vision, thermal imaging, microphones, two-way radio systems and radiation sensors, and were able to be operated from more than a mile away to safely remove rubble and debris, dig up buried objects and carry smaller equipment. In addition to the unmanned equipment, a team of QinetiQ North America technical experts provided onsite training and support to Japan’s disaster response personnel.

Product Information: