IED Defeat/Combat Engineer Vehicle

SpartacusQinetiQ North America is proud to present Spartacus™, the robotic Bobcat Skid Steer, diesel-powered loader. Spartacus is designed to support a wide variety of tactical military missions including route/path/range clearance and load carriage. Spartacus is capable of using most of the 80 Bobcat attachments, dependent upon the size of the loader.

Using either QinetiQ’s wearable Tactical Robotic Controller™ (TRC) for the dismounted soldier or laptop controller, Spartacus can be maneuvered from more than 900 meters away in order to complete the mission. Spartacus is supported with an array of electro-optical infrared and thermal cameras and loader monitoring capabilities. Spartacus is the basis for the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force’s pressure plate and command wire defeating robot Minotaur.


  • Keeping warfighters at a safe distance
  • Dismounted improvised explosive device (IED) defeat
  • Wide variety of combat engineer missions
  • Lightening the load of the warfighter