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Since its introduction more than a decade ago, QinetiQ North America’s TALON® family of robots has earned a reputation for durability, flexibility, modularity and performance in keeping personnel, assets and civilians out of harm’s way.

In military, law enforcement and first responder applications, these lightweight tracked vehicles are widely deployed for improvised explosive device (IED) and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), reconnaissance, communications, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive)/hazmat, security, heavy lift, defense and rescue missions.

Initially deployed in 2000, the TALON robot system has grown to include many specialized models, modules, attachments, and applications, from route clearance missions to SWAT/MP unit support. Large enough to get the job done, yet small enough to be easily transported, the TALON is a remarkable achievement in robotic technology. Learn more about our next generation of TALON – TALON V!

The TALON Line

arrow_orange TALON Military – The original, standard TALON robot

arrow_orange TALONHazmat Configured with hazardous material detection devices

arrow_orange TALON w/GEN IV Heavy Lift – Equipped with a heavy duty rotating shoulder and longer reach than a standard TALON

arrow_orange TALON Responder – Designed specifically for urban and public safety applications

arrow_orange TALON SWAT/MP – Equipped for tactical scenarios frequently encountered by SWAT units and MPs

The TALON is fast and mobile, able to climb stairs, negotiate rock piles, overcome concertina wire and plow through snow. The robots have been used worldwide, from Ground Zero after the 2001 World Trade Center attack – where it withstood repeated decontamination – to Iraq, where a TALON deployed with an EOD team was borrowed by a nearby infantry unit to follow a bomb-wielding insurgent into a building. The insurgent dropped the building, but the TALON survived.

Expertise in Action:

arrow_orange Talon in Iraq — TALON robots can take a punch and stay in the fight. One was blown off the roof of a Humvee in Iraq while the Humvee was crossing a bridge over a river. TALON flew off the bridge and plunged into the river below. Soldiers later used its operator control unit to drive the robot back out of the river and up onto the bank so they could retrieve it.

arrow_orange Talon at Ground Zero — Demonstrated at Ground Zero after the 2001 World Trade Center attack in New York City. TALON electronics withstood 45 straight days of being decontaminated twice-a-day without failing.

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