TALON In Action

TALON’s Expertise in Action:

TALON in Iraq — TALON robots can take a punch and stay in the fight. One was blown off the roof of a Humvee in Iraq while the Humvee was crossing a bridge over a river. TALON flew off the bridge and plunged into the river below. Soldiers later used its operator control unit to drive the robot back out of the river and up onto the bank so they could retrieve it.

TALON at Ground Zero after the 2001 World Trade
Center attack in NY City.TALON_WTC_911
TALON electronics withstood 45 straight days of being decontaminated twice-a-day without failing.

TALON searches for Boston Marathon bombing suspect
The robot of choice for MA State Police and Boston Police DeparBosMarathontment. TALON was called to the scene shortly after the first bomb went off at the Marathon Finish Line.  TALON combed the streets in search of the bombing suspect and was tasked with identifying potential hazards, explosives and kept civilians and law enforcement officials away from danger.