Heavy EOD Robot

TISON is QinetiQ North America’s new,tison_sm heavy-lift EOD robot that has been designed to provide render-safe capabilities against current and emerging threats. This unmanned, multi-mission robot offers standoff and safety to military, first responders and law enforcement personnel.

Rugged and Agile
TISON is a rugged, strong robot capable of lifting up to 110 pounds and is equipped with the latest generation digital mesh radios for expanded reach and new CONOPS.  It is easily operated by a laptop or body-worn controller keeping the operator away from danger. TISON can fit through doorways and negotiate hallways and is even capable of climbing a 46 degree staircase.


  • Safe standoff from IEDs and VBIEDs
  • Increases mission effectiveness
  • Multi-mission capabilities
  • IOP compliant
  • Reliable and maintainable
  • Designed with combat-proven technology
  • Heavy-lift 9 degree-of-freedom manipulator
  • Modular
  • Speeds up to 7 mph

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