UC-Lite – Robot Controller

UC-LITE: Universal Controller – Lightweight Interoperable Tactical Equipment

QinetiQ North America’s UC-LITE (Universal Controller – Lightweight Interoperable Tactical Equipment) is a common controller that controls all battalions of unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and unattended ground sensors such as such MTRS MK-2, CRS-I, SMET and Class I UAS Raven and Puma.

Flexible and Ergonomic Hand Design
The UC-Lite was designed to be compact, lightweight (weighing less than 2.2 lbs) and easily adapted to future computing products.  The interface is available in single and dual screen and with an integrated or standalone radio.

UC-Lite’s IOP V2 compatible modular design make it easily adaptable and reconfigurable for multiple operation modes in various field application environments. It has been fully integrated with SPAWAR UCT MOCU4 software. In a multi-controller, multi-RAS platform configuration, the UC-LITE can:

  • Detect and monitor all RAS platforms within the network
  • Facilitate inter-operator collaboration
  • Seamlessly take active control, and or transfer control of a RAS platform
  • Control and monitor multiple UxS platforms simultaneously

The UC-LITE incorporates critical safety design features in accordance with MIL-STD-882E. This enables the UC-LITE to be used as the primary controller for large unmanned vehicles such as SMET, RCIS, and also for operating weaponized payloads.

Features / Benefits

  • Designed towards CRS-I Universal Controller compliance
  • IOP V2 Compatible
  • Certified for Class-I UAS Operation
  • Fully Integrated with MOCU4 UTC Software
  • Capable of Safety Critical Design for large vehicle and weaponized payload
  • Flexible & ergonomic Hand Controller Design
  • Modular & Reconfigurable
    • Optional Second Display
    • Embedded or Standalone IP Radio

 UC-LITE Datasheet