Product Support

Our team of product specialists and here to help with any service or product inquiries you may have. Please select from the following products below. A QinetiQ North America product specialists will get back to you shortly.

Unmanned Systems / Robots:

arrow_orange TALON®     arrow_orange Dragon Runner® 10 and 20      arrow_orange Robotic Appliqué Kit (RAK)
arrow_orange Tactical Robotic Controller   arrow_orange TITAN   arrow_orange TISON   arrow_orange Minotaur   arrow_orange Raider   arrow_orange Spartacus   arrow_orange DriveRobotics
 1-781-684-4053 | UMS Product Support Form  |  Email a product specialist

 Survivability / Soldier Systems and Protective Armor:

arrow_orange EARS®/SWATS® 
arrow_orange Q-NET®
1.800.527.8276 | Product Support Form | Email a product specialist  

arrow_orange LAST Armor® for: Aircraft and Tactical Land Vehicles
1.800.LASTARM/1.800.527.8276 | Product Support Form | Email a product specialist

 Met Sensors

arrow_orange Precision Airdrop, TASK, Riverine Drifter, WiPPR, iQ-3
1-800-527-8276  or 1-703-637-6057 Product Support Form |  Email Us

 Power Line Sensors / LineWatch

1-781-684-4318 | Power Line Sensors Request Form  | Email a LineWatch specialist

 Transportation Safety 

arrow_orange IRIS       arrow_orange RailSafe 
 1 -781-684-4000 | Email a product specialist