ULLS-A (E) Training

Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation (Enhanced) Training & Registration

Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation (Enhanced), or ULLS-A (E), is the system of choice when it comes to managing all facets of aviation logistics. The enterprise system, reduces redundant data input, provides greater asset visibility, and reduces labor hours required to perform maintenance. Innovative tools such as dashboards and automated warnings allow for easier management of aviation assets and much greater capability to spot trends. Increased visibility and analysis capability is available from a high level fleet perspective to the individual aircraft and maintainer.

Key features of ULLS-A (E) include:

  • Automated aircraft logbook
  • Aircraft / component maintenance
  • Supply chain management
  • Aviator records management
  • Ad-hoc qury & reporting
  • Aircraft historical records
  • DA Form 2410 Generation to IMMC 2410 Centralized Database

ULLS-A (E) provides information relating to the maintenance and logistics of an aircraft entered into a laptop and synched with the unit database, ensuring accurate, comprehensive information about maintenance, inspections, parts ordering and tracking, work orders, aircraft and crew history, and more. In addition to saving time, eliminating unnecessary work, and streamlining parts ordering, the logistics information supports improved tactical and strategic decision-making, highlighting trends and cost drivers. ULLS-A (E) interfaces with all major logistics information systems (LIS) so everyone has the most current information. This unique capability greatly reduces communication errors and delays in the supply chain.

For more information please contact:
Mr. Michael Marler (931) 551-8855 x1301
Mr. Kurt Porter (256) 971-7961